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Love Timeline

Every moments of our first love, weaves the desire of getting married to that person. And there can be nothing bigger satisfying than marrying our first love. Through different ages of our lives we not only grow, but evolve, and so is our love. True love is like a true religion which binds two person in self-less bond and helps to curve out the best in them.

Standing on the very center of today, love seems to have divided the life into best of memories(teenage) , best of realities (middle age) and the best of dreams (old age). This journey from the memories to the dream is indeed the most beautiful one, but surely not the easiest. With thousands of laughter and tears we live on and love full on!


That one feeling of thousand butterflies swarming in your stomach the moment you catch a
glimpse of your crush; right then you know you are in deep trouble…love has caught you!

 His every heartbeat wants her to look at him, to long for him…but where is fun if she shows it all! 

 The much complex feelings of love come with more difficulties of expressing it. The crossed fingers pray for those precious words; while the fear of rejection refuses to leave, no matter how correctly he chose his words. 

                  With that first rose, the entire garden blooms…the scarlet red blushes her cheeks

  Gosh! Did he make it deliberately? Or am I overthinking…our hands just brushed against each other? The Midas touch warmed their soul while time takes a break to tick, and heart skips a beat too. 

Experiencing many ‘first time’ accomplishments with our first love is the most charming thing to happen. From taking up new hobbies to learning new things, we discover new facets of ourselves which are polished each time by our love.  

 Experiencing many ‘first time’ accomplishments with our first love is the most charming thing to happen. From taking up new hobbies to learning new things, we discover new facets of ourselves which are polished each time by our love.  

 The fear of ‘what if, she minds?’ and the excitement of ‘let’s go for it’ kept on juggling with his mind; meanwhile they created the most treasured piece of memory of their lives.
   In today’s electronic world, love letters are history. But ‘Times New Roman’ fails to depict his hand writing, whatsapp ping won’t carry the smell of his perfume. Handwritten love letters are priceless keepsakes to cherish for life.

 The best part of teenage is the immense power and courage to dream! And the best dream is to be together for life. 

 Walking down the streets of life, he chose to pause, bend on knees and ask her to be the companion of lifetime.

 Let's start walking again, together. Commitments and expectations joined them as well.

 He took her hand into his, and the ball started. With each twist they discover the dark corners of each other and never fails to light them up with their love.

 The dance continues, as the river of happiness gushes in.

 'How dare you?', 'how could you?' and the wall of ego kept on adding bricks on it and somewhere the love is ignored.

'Sorry' always doesn't mean 'I am wrong', it sometimes means, 'the fight is not worthy enough to hurt you'. That smile in return makes it all up.

 His warm breath on her face, her trembling lips want to speak the unspoken. Their pounding heartbeats announces passion in the air.

 With every passing day, a bit of 'I' becomes a bit of 'we'.....a family start taking its shape.

Life is like beading a necklace, with each passing year they add a bead to the string, the family grows and the necklace takes it shape. On the 50th marriage anniversary, its not ‘you and I’ but its the laughter and the cheers of the family that make it a celebration.

 I save your winter with all my warmth as I long to see the coming spring with you. Her care works more than those three pills a day. 

 The mirror shows her wrinkles and grey hair, but in the mirror of my soul she is still the gorgeous lady for whom I get weak on my knees.

 While walking along the ocean, they collected sea shells, each one has its own story. On the retiring lap of the walk, they sit back and cherish those beautiful pieces of memories and re-live their journey once again.

 Every storm in life seemed big but defendable, as they were together. They have witnessed the death of closed ones and has survived the loss with each other. With love,compassion , trust and respect they keep themselve alive, from within.

 Do not worry, I am there! The commitment and reliance held hands, together forever. 

 The most undeniable truth of life is death. There are some people who made the deal up there and mocked death, as they walked till the finish line holding each other’s hand. 



  1. It's amazing!!! Concept is too good n photography is just mind-blowing.


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