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Phoenix ~ The firebird!

A tribute to the journey of the survivors, A story on behalf of Reshma, Sonia, Shabbo, Laxmi, Mohini and many more..  Inspired by the true stories ... #acidattack Sherose Cafe we salute you ...#thewephoenix

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Love Timeline

Every moments of our first love, weaves the desire of getting married to that person. And there can be nothing bigger satisfying than marrying our first love. Through different ages of our lives we not only grow, but evolve, and so is our love. True love is like a true religion which binds two person in self-less bond and helps to curve out the best in them.

Standing on the very center of today, love seems to have divided the life into best of memories(teenage) , best of realities (middle age) and the best of dreams (old age). This journey from the memories to the dream is indeed the most beautiful one, but surely not the easiest. With thousands of laughter and tears we live on and love full on!

That one feeling of thousand butterflies swarming in your stomach the moment you catch a
glimpse of your crush; right then you know you are in deep trouble…love has caught you!

His every heartbeat wants her to look at him, to long for him…but where is fun if she shows it all!

The muc…